Continuing Education


Coeur D Alene, ID  June 23, 2018

Speaker: Dr. Jon Flucke
Hours: 4.5
Topic: Clinical Applications of Diode Lasers

3 Things attendee will be able to accomplish after the course.

  1. Learn the laser wavelenghts available for dentistry
  2. Learn procedures diode lasers can preform
  3. Learn the science & why lasers work


June 25, 2018 Coeur D Alene, ID

Speaker: Dr. Jon Flucke
Hours: 4.5
Topic: Day to Day technology that can improve your practice without draining your retirement plan

3 Things attendees will be able to accomplish after the course

  1. Know the advantages of digital operatories
  2.  Know the uses of different laser wavelenghts
  3. Know the advantages of digital drug databases


July 27, 2018 Manitoba, Canada

Speaker Dr. Bart Bycroft, DDS
Hours: 4.5

Topic: “Oral surgery as we know it in the 21st Century”

3 Things attendees will be able to accomplish after the course

  1. Knowledge base on what digital x rays VS plane films have changed this country
  2. Learning new extractions techniques  or are there really any changes? (Smokes & Mirrors)
  3.  How has anatomy changed your thinking when attempting those difficult extractions

July 28, 2018 Manitoba, Canada

Speaker: Dr. Robert Hubbard, DDS
Hours: 4.5

Topic: “3D Printing in General Dentistry”

3 Things attendees will be able to accomplish after the course

  1. What procedures can be done with a digital workflow
  2. What technology does a dentist need to invest in
  3. How can 3D printing and other digital technologies change my practice


This year the FDA & the FPA are teaming up to share in some joint meetings.  Below please find the FPA’s CE listings.


July 23, 2018
EAA Airventure
Oshkosh, WI

November 8, 2018
Western -SW Fall Meeting
Las Vegas, NV

For more information on FPA events please contact: Alice at 936-588-6505 or


Log in your continuing education credits in the most amazing way! Joining the Flying Dentists Association means:


  • Being able to simultaneously enhance your flying skills while getting your dental CEUs!
  • Receiving tax deductible expenses during your trip!
  • Having the ability to take your family with you as you learn!
  • Learning from other dentists throughout the country!


We are proud to be a part of the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program. The ADA CERP is a program that monitors and promotes continuing dental education credits, ensuring that organizations have a thorough understanding of CE credits that are mandated by the U.S. for dental licensure. The FDA has been approved by the ADA CERP as a provider that offers unique opportunities to earn CEU’s

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