Continuing Education


San Juan Islands, WA

September 14-21, 2018

Speaker Dr. Daniel VanAntwerp, DDS
Hours: 4.5

Topic: Endodontic Treatment in the General Dentists Office

3 Things attendees will be able to accomplish after the course

  1. Understand the rationale for a paste fill
  2. Understand why this technique has caused so much controversy
  3.  Be able to incorporate this technique into your practice without guilt or fear

Speaker: Dr. Zachary Norris, DDS
Hours: 4.5

Topic: Soft Tissue Lasers

3 Things attendees will be able to accomplish after the course

  1. Be able to determine if soft tissue laser is right for their practice
  2. Which procedures are ideal and when to use VS Electro-surge or scalpel
  3. Basic use of common styles of soft tissue lasers

Speaker: Dr. Wade Carnes, DDS
Topic: Financial planning your way
Hours: 4.5

3 Things Attendees will learn:

  1. Will be able to chart and evaluate their progress toward their financial goals such as retirement and other life events
  2. Will be able to determine the asset allocation that is appropriate for them
  3. Will be able to evaluate “what if” situations and how it affects their goals

Speaker: Dr. Frederick Prehn, DDS
Topic: New Patient work up and exam
Hours: 4.5

3 Things Attendees will learn:

  1. Look into the way you bring new patients into the office, type 1,2,3
  2. Gathering data beside the obvious
  3. Consult and close the deal, treatment options RBAs

This year the FDA & the FPA are teaming up to share in some joint meetings.  Below please find the FPA’s CE listings.



November 8, 2018
Western -SW Fall Meeting
Las Vegas, NV

For more information on FPA events please contact: Alice at 936-588-6505 or


Log in your continuing education credits in the most amazing way! Joining the Flying Dentists Association means:


  • Being able to simultaneously enhance your flying skills while getting your dental CEUs!
  • Receiving tax deductible expenses during your trip!
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We are proud to be a part of the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program. The ADA CERP is a program that monitors and promotes continuing dental education credits, ensuring that organizations have a thorough understanding of CE credits that are mandated by the U.S. for dental licensure. The FDA has been approved by the ADA CERP as a provider that offers unique opportunities to earn CEU’s

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