Continuing Education

Central District Annual Ski Trip
Snowmass, CO

February 24, 2017
Speaker: Dr. Jan Bublick, DDS
Hours: 4.5
Topic: Implant Supported Over Denture Solutions

3 Things the Attendee can accomplish after this course:

  1. Able to plan implant supported fixed restoration
  2. Able to plan fabricated implants supported removable restoration
  3. Able to understand treatment concepts for maxillary and mandibular support prostheses

February 26, 2017
Speaker: Dr. Doug Keele
Hours: 4.5

Topic: Current guidelines and recommendations on antibiotic use for dental procedures in patients with total joint replacements.

3 Things the Attendee can accomplish after this course:

  1. Obtain an understanding of the historical treatment recommendations in regards to, Antibiotic prophylaxis in dental patients
  2. Appropriately prescribe antibiotics according to current guidelines
  3. Obtain the information to properly educate patients and providers in regards to relative risks associated with antibiotic use versus risk of prosthetic joint infections to dental procedures.

February 27, 2017
Speaker: Mr. Mike Shell, CPA,PL
Hours: 4.5

Topic: 2017 Tax Law Update

3 Things Attendee can accomplish after this course:

  1. Will have a working knowledge of the new tax law
  2. Will be able to apply the knowledge to their tax return
  3. Will be able to discuss the new tax law


Annual Dive Trip
March 25-31, 2017
Speaker: TBA
Hours: 4.5

National Meeting
Lake Placid, NY
June 15-17, 2017
Speaker: Dr. Alan Brodine
Hours: 4.5
Topic: TBA


Log in your continuing education credits in the most amazing way! Joining the Flying Dentists Association means:

  • Being able to simultaneously enhance your flying skills while getting your dental CEUs!
  • Receiving tax deductible expenses during your trip!
  • Having the ability to take your family with you as you learn!
  • Learning from other dentists throughout the country!


We are proud to be a part of the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program. The ADA CERP is a program that monitors and promotes continuing dental education credits, ensuring that organizations have a thorough understanding of CE credits that are mandated by the U.S. for dental licensure. The FDA has been approved by the ADA CERP as a provider that offers unique opportunities to earn CEU’s.

Check out the opportunities below to receive your continuing education:

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