Continuing Education



Crystal River, Florida
March 23, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Mark Mosier, DDS
Hours: 4.5
Topic: Practice Management
3 Things Attendee will learn:
1. How to greatly relieve yourself with staff issues
2. How to decrease late cancellations and no shows
3. How to increase your productivity
San Antonio, TX
April 4, 2020
Speakers: Dr. Robert Hubbard, DDS & Dr. Brad Keener, DDS
Hours: 4.5
Topic: Digital Dentures in everyday dentistry
3 Things Attendee will Learn:
1. The equipment needed for scanning and 3D printing
2. How 3D printing can reduce lab cost
3. How to use 3D printed treatment options


Bardstwon, KY
May 16, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Adam Clock, DDS
Hours: 4.5
Topic: Ectodermal Dysplasia
3 Things Attendee will know:
1. Understand the diverse group of genetic disorders that cause Ectodermal Dysplasia
2. Recognize Ectodermal Dysplasia in the dental setting
3. Understand the proper multi-disciplinary approach to treating the unique needs of patients with Ectodermal Dysplasia



This year the FDA & the FPA are teaming up to share in some joint meetings.  Below please find the FPA’s CE listing

For more information on FPA events please contact: Alice at 936-588-6505 or


Log in your continuing education credits in the most amazing way! Joining the Flying Dentists Association means:


  • Being able to simultaneously enhance your flying skills while getting your dental CEUs!
  • Receiving tax deductible expenses during your trip!
  • Having the ability to take your family with you as you learn!
  • Learning from other dentists throughout the country!


We are proud to be a part of the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program. The ADA CERP is a program that monitors and promotes continuing dental education credits, ensuring that organizations have a thorough understanding of CE credits that are mandated by the U.S. for dental licensure. The FDA has been approved by the ADA CERP as a provider that offers unique opportunities to earn CEU’s

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