Continuing Education

Winnipeg River, Manitoba Canada
Eagle Nest Lodge
July 28-August 1, 2017

July 29, 2017
Speaker: Mr. Steve Mowery, Rph
Hours: 4.5 
Topic: DEA, Narcotics & You

3 things attendee will be able to accomplish after the course:

  1. Will know the current climate between the DEA and the Dental Community regarding Narcotic Analgesics
  2.  Will know the Compliance issues and enforcement practices with the explosion of narcotic abuse
  3. Will know of  alternative modalities for consideration

July 30, 2017
Speaker: Dr. Ray Rhoades, DDS
Hours: 4.5
Topic: Preparing your practice for sale

3 Things attendee will be able to accomplish after the course:

  1. Attendees will learn how to manage accounts receivable for maximum benefit.
  2. Attendees will know ways to determine owner goodwill, stock value and how to structure a consulting agreement.
  3.  Attendees will understand the various ways practices are appraised and how that value may be manipulated.

July 31, 2017
Speaker: Dr. Bart Bycroft, DDS
Hours: 4.5
Topic:  Extraction Techniques: Do I Proceed or refer?

3 Things attendees will be able to accomplish after the course:

  1. Use technology to appropriately evaluate the dentition that requires removal
  2. The appropriate evaluation of the planned dental extraction and what could go wrong
  3. Gaining a professional relationship with your specialist so he/she will be there when you really need them.

Log in your continuing education credits in the most amazing way! Joining the Flying Dentists Association means:

  • Being able to simultaneously enhance your flying skills while getting your dental CEUs!
  • Receiving tax deductible expenses during your trip!
  • Having the ability to take your family with you as you learn!
  • Learning from other dentists throughout the country!


We are proud to be a part of the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program. The ADA CERP is a program that monitors and promotes continuing dental education credits, ensuring that organizations have a thorough understanding of CE credits that are mandated by the U.S. for dental licensure. The FDA has been approved by the ADA CERP as a provider that offers unique opportunities to earn CEU’s.

Check out the opportunities below to receive your continuing education:

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